Peter Panda Pants

Software Test Ninjaneer.
Data Apprentice, Machine Learning Enthusiast.
Hypertext Marksman, Cascading Styler, Wordpressed.
Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO Juggler.
h264 Media Jutsu.
Type Beautician.
Secret Architectural Admirer.
Smile Connoisseur.
Frantic Dad.

A tiny slice of web
for Peter Tran.

Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do.

I am here.

I work like this.

Things that interest me currently:

Machine Learning in Test. How do we train machines to handle testing that'd normally be done by a person?

Data Visualization. Are there new ways to bring more understanding to the amount of data we generate?

Making Games with data. How do modern day game studios leverage data and adapt to changing trends?

What am I doing?

Currently I am not taking on any new projects. I've retired from freelance web work as of August 2012 to focus on the path of data and testing.

I can also be found here.